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[Image: Ahsan Building] Ahsan Technologies Our philosophy is to be the best at what ever we do, and that means hiring the best candidates to achieve our target. Ahsan focuses more on Expertise, Motivation and Passion rather than Experience. It is our belief that a person that is passionate about their job is more valuable than someone who simply has more experience. We have observed that a person with passion, expertise and motivation can be worth 2 or sometimes 3 people who are simply doing the job because it pays well.

[Image: ahsan product launch] Ahsan Product Launch If you are truly passionate about what you do, do your job because you love it, are a team player, able to use initiative to solve complex problems and work to deadlines, Ahsan Technologies would like to talk to you. We reward our employees well, both financially and with benefits. In the past, our employees have had the opportunity to travel to Europe, America, Middle East and to countries in the Asia-Pacific area and encourage all our staff to hold valid passports because we never know when we have to send someone abroad!

Our current openings are listed below. If you think you can convince us that you are highly motivated and passionate about what you do, you are encouraged to post your resume for consideration.



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At Ahsan we like to do things a bit differently to other companies. Calling your boss sir? No thanks. Wearing a tie to the office? It doesn't make you more productive. We are a thriving company because we give our staff... more

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