Ahsan Benefits

So there are hundreds of other companies that are vying for your expertise, why choose Ahsan? What can we offer you that other companies can't?

Job Security

Ahsan is a 15 year old company with multiple large corporate contracts and works with companies like Cisco, Shell Oil, Levi's and even Google! This enhances the job security for everyone and we are adding new clients to our books each and every month.

Some companies might suffer if one or two of their larger clients leave but since Ahsan is regularly adding new clients there has been plenty of work - even during the toughest trading period in 70 years!

Highly Competitive Salary

If you want the best, then you pay the best. That is our simple philosophy. If you are good enough we'll match it with a top notch renumeration package that reflects your skills, experience and expertise.

We look after our staff when it comes to salary, just one of the many reasons why we have one of the lowest attrition rates in the industry.

Regular Performance Based Appraisals

Every staff member gets appraised to review the salary and hike options. Salary is matched to quantitative performance criteria which are open and transparent so you will know before the appraisal whether a hike is going to be forthcoming!

Immediate Responsibilities

When you join Ahsan you will be given immediate responsibilities above what you may be used to. Freshers are asked to handle team projects and we look for internal promotions when it comes to Team Leaders, Project Leads and even Project Managers.

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Our philosophy is to be the best at what ever we do, and that means hiring the best candidates to achieve our target. Ahsan focuses more on Expertise, Motivation... more

Life at Ahsan

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At Ahsan we like to do things a bit differently to other companies. Calling your boss sir? No thanks. Wearing a tie to the office? It doesn't make you more productive. We are a thriving company because we give our staff... more

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