Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. What is the job application process?

    The job application process is as follows:

    • Post Your Resume
    • Find a job that suits your skill.
    • Go by the instructions and apply for the job.
    • Track the status of your application in the dashboard.
  2. What is the interview selection process?

    Shortlisted applicants will receive an e-mail, carrying the hyperlink for the online examination web page. We conduct online examination for the applicants, for their comfort and to ease our recruitment process.

    Once the candidates are through the online examination, we send out a schedule for a technical and/or a face to face interview, to their e-mail. The technical and/or face to face interview will be held in our office.

    The result of the technical and/or face to face interview will be communicated to the candidates within next 10 to 15 days of time.

  3. I have applied for a job in your concern. May I know the status of my application?

    We would suggest candidates to furnish proper information about them, in the application form, for us, to shortlist the candidates, effectively.

    We process all the job applications, received by us. We would communicate to the candidates through e-mail, about the status of their job applications, only when the applications are shortlisted for the interview.

    Candidates can know the status of their job application through the dashboard.

  4. I have taken up the online exam, yesterday. When can I expect the result?

    If you are through the online exam, you will be communicated about the next level of interviews, to your e-mail address, on the last day (date is mentioned in the site) for job application.

    Alternatively, you could also view the result of your online exam, in the dashboard.

    The statuses of the interview shown in the dashboard are:

    • Job closed - Position filled
    • Applied - Application under process
    • In progress - Under interview process
    • Offered - Position offered
  5. What is the reason for rejecting my job application?

    There are few reasons for not having shortlisted a job application. They are:

    • The candidate might not have read the instructions properly and applied for the job
    • The candidate might not have furnished proper and complete information
    • The profile of the candidate might not have matched the job requirement.

    Please go through our job application process (question no. 1).