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[Image: Ahsan Events]Ahsan Events At Ahsan we like to do things a bit differently to other companies. Calling your boss sir? No thanks. Wearing a tie to the office? It doesn't make you more productive. We are a thriving company because we give our staff room and flexibility to express themselves and feel comfortable in the working environment that we create. Ahsan values skill, motivation and creativity, not how sharply dressed you can be!

[Image: Ahsan Games]Ahsan Games Whether you are a developer at the top of your career with 5 years of experience behind you or an uber-programmer who is self taught, Ahsan wants to hear from you and discover if you are a good match for our family. Despite employing over 200 staff, Ahsan retains the small company feel by letting teams work in small groups and take ownership of their projects. Everyone is on first name basis, it doesn't matter if it's your team leader, project manager or the big boss!

[Image: Ahsan Prizes]Ahsan Prizes We know that working in IT can be a high pressure environment and that we all need to let off steam and get away from the office. Ahsan arranges outings, team building exercises, in-office events, soft skills development and even group holidays for all the staff.


[Image: Ahsan Seminar] Ahsan Seminar
[Image: Ahsan Work place] Ahsan Work place
[Image: Ahsan Team discussion] Ahsan Team discussion
[Image: Ahsan Fun Hackday Meeting] Ahsan Fun Hackday Meeting
[Image: Ahsan Fun Hackday] Ahsan Fun Hackday
[Image: Ahsan Work Place Third Floor] Ahsan Work Place Third Floor
[Image: Team Birthday Celebration] Team Birthday Celebration
[Image: Ahsan Fun Hackday Games] Ahsan Fun Hackday Games
[Image: Ahsan Team Meeting] Ahsan Team Meeting
[Image: Campus Interview Team] Campus Interview Team
[Image: Ahsan Campus Meeting] Ahsan Campus Meeting
[Image: Ahsan Online Interview] Ahsan Online Interview
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