Terms and Policies

By Logging in for the interview process of Ahsan group companies, I hereby agree to the following terms and conditions.

  1. I am very well aware and will abide by the rules and regulations and Non disclosure policies of the Company prevailing time to time.
  2. I understand this is only a preliminary interview or screening process and the company has the right to terminate or eliminate my application at any time of the interview for any reason, which the company can treat as its confidential information. I wont claim for it, at any stage of interview processes.
  3. I hereby agree that, I will attend the test without any malpractices and the company has the right to take any action against me, if found so.
  4. I hereby agree that, I will attend next levels of interviews on the dates and time scheduled by the company, subject to the selection by the company.
  5. I hereby declare that, all the information given by me by orally or in written or entered in this platform are true to my knowledge.
  6. I am very much aware that, subject to my selection for the applied position at Ahsan Group companies, my pre and post employment data and facts will be verified by the authorized Agency of the company or the company itself directly or indirectly. I will abide by any action taken by the company based on the verification results also.
  7. I agree and understand that I do not acquire any right by attending this online interviews or subsequent interviews with the company.
  8. I understand that in case of any dispute the company decision is final and the company is not bound to furnish any reason for its decision.